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Girls Aren’t Funny

Girls Aren’t Funny is a dramedy series that intertwines the lives of up-and-coming young womxn and non-cis comedians in the NYC alternative stand-up scene. Each episode is co-written by the featured comedian and inspired by their real experiences. GIRLS AREN’T FUNNY is about rejecting stereotypes, embracing all of who you are, and finding your voice […]

Untitled Millennial Project

With the help of her GBFF Tyler, Allison navigates dating, TikTok, and getting older. Steeped with pop culture references, this web series uses social media as a story telling device to encompass the millennial experience. At the core, ‘Untitled Millennial Project’ is a story about trying to figure “it” out, whatever “it” is, and the […]

A-list Casting

Two down and out casting directors and their assistant, languishing in small town Las Vegas are looking to get back into Hollywood’s good graces, one hemorrhoid commercial or male erectile dysfunction ad at a time.

Caesar’s Sketches

Jessica plays a fictionalized version of herself, as a therapy patient, a news anchor, a supermodel, a church treasurer, and more!

Más Latina

The key to her success comes from an unlikely place, her Latinx familia!

The Ethics of Ambiguity

Two best friends and failing comedians are about to give up their dream of making it big when they win the lottery. But telling the wrong people gets them in a world of trouble.