Now through December 31, 2022

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Pay $29 per submission to ComedyFest now and lock in the lowest rate for next year's festival. Once standard submissions open in 2023, you can submit anytime before the final deadline.

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Once standard submissions open in 2023, you will be able to use your email address (the one you enter when you pay below) as your personal comp code for your submission(s).

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Submit to either side of the festival (or both!) with your special Early Bird pricing locked in and guaranteed! You can take all the time you need to get a great tape or film that project!

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There are only a small number of Early Bird submissions available. Offer ends December 31, 2022.

comedyfest deadlines

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Now - Dec 31, 2023


Jan - April 2023


May - June 10, 2023

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June 11 - 30, 2023


August 1, 2023



Standard submissions open in 2023, for now you have two options:

  1. Our Film Freeway page is currently accepting film submissions at the same Early Bird rate. So, if your film project is ready to roll, please feel free to submit on right away.


  2. Take advantage of Early Bird submissions by filling out the form below and then using your comp code for standard submissions anytime until the final deadline.

Anyone wishing to be considered to perform at Laugh After Dark ComedyFest must submit as follows:


Films must be submitted via Film Freeway. If you are planning to submit for both standup and film, please note that you will submit your materials and pay fees separately.


If you plan to submit for standup, you will submit a 5-10 min standup set via a public link directly on the ComedyFest website by filling out the standard submission form once standard submissions open in 2023. Please remember to check your links when submitting.  Submissions with broken, private  or otherwise not viewable links will be automatically disqualified. YouTube and Vimeo links recommended.

Yes! We welcome multi-talented comedians and encourage you to submit for as many categories as you would like. 

*Please note that when submissions go live, film and standup submissions will be accepted separately. Film submissions and fees can be paid on Film Freeway. Standup submissions and fees can be paid here on our website.

**Please note that Early Bird submissions lock in the lowest rate and will be able to submit to either side of the festival all the way until the final deadline.


  • 5-7 min video
  • Audible sound
  • Filmed within the last 18 months
  • Funny. 


Please see requirements on Film Freeway.

If you are selected to participate in the festival, you will be contacted by a member of our team August 1, 2023 with additional information and instructions.

Yes. Anyone wishing to be considered to participate in the festival must submit and pay the required fees.

*Subject to change


  • Club
  • Alt
  • Clean
  • Musical
  • Dark


  • Sketchs
  • Micro Shorts
  • Shorts
  • Standup Specials
  • Music Videos
  • Comedy Podcasts
  • Animations 

5- 7 minutes only please

Please make sure your set meets the following requirements:

  • 5-7 min video
  • Audible sound
  • Filmed within the last 18 months
  • Funny. 

Nope! After all, this is Laugh AFTER Dark! We have several genera categories and our team will place you.

Our festival judges, panel speakers, and visiting industry have collectively worked on projects with Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Comedy Central, HBO, Showtime, Fuze, Lionsgate, and much more!

Yes! We will be hosting additional (non-judged) official ComedyFest Mics happening throughout the festival for comedians who submitted but were not selected as official festival participants. 

early bird

ComedyFest Early Bird Submissions (2023 Event) ( Formidable )
ComedyFest Early Bird STANDUP
(Only 1 submission required per comedian)
ComedyFest Early Bird FILM
(No limit. You may submit multiple projects/categories)

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