meet the industry

Laugh After Dark has always been equal parts live comedy and live tv production which is why the ComedyFest represents both aspects of the entertainment industry.

From club owners and bookers, to directors, producers, writers, talent agents, distributors, and more! ComedyFest is bringing together industry representatives from every corner of comedy. Collectively the attending industry representatives have worked on projects for Netflix, HBO, NBC, Hulu, Fuse, Comedy Central, Amazon, and many many more!

As the entertainment and comedy industries are both evolving at a rapid rate, ComedyFest aims to bring together different arms of the industry to create quality opportunities for recognition, education, networking, and feedback within the community. Through panel discussions, 1-on-1 networking, and Q&A sessions, comedians and film makers will have a chance to gain valuable new perspectives as they navigate their careers in 2022 and beyond.


We are so grateful to each of our industry guests for volunteering their time to attend ComedyFest and nurture the talented nominees attending and performing. 


Find out when + Where our industry will be speaking on panels