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Screening: Comedy Shorts + Micro Shorts

07oct5:00 pm6:30 pmScreening: Comedy Shorts + Micro ShortsAt Vegas Theatre Company

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Jade Betts and her sidekick Richie must infiltrate the Russian mob’s Christmas party and fight their way through the ranks, using festive weapons and witty one-liners. Leverage combines action and comedy, as Betts settles old scores with her former employer to preserve what’s most important to her.

The Magic Words
Just before his First Communion, a devout Catholic boy rehearses a major Bible reading — until his brazen bully shows up with a surprise.

The Grandest Soirée
A bizarre guess-the-sound game between six friends takes a dark turn, transforming their usual “game night” into a ghastly struggle for survival.

Amanda takes her class’s turtle to the family dry cleaner, but her superstitious mother believes it brings bad luck. She must choose between confronting the mistreatment or accepting the rules.

The Story of Jacob
A 27 year old man prepares for his adult bar mitzvah with the help of his unhinged rabbi.

Best friends Jenny and Mak pull off a heist of a beloved betta fish. Stirring up trouble, contemplating motherhood, and taking a few dance breaks along the way. Filmed in New York City and featuring comedians Jenny Gorelick (Cosmopolitan), Mākena Miller (ACT), and Erik Scott (Comedy Central), directed by queer filmmaker Ellie Gravitte (ABC Women’s Initiative winner) and with original song “Tsunami Mami” by Douglas Widick (North Coast).

The Jumping Beans
The Jumping Beans, once a children’s entertainment group with moderate popularity, reunites over a weekend to write, record, and produce a new music video, in the hopes of making a comeback. Their young new manager brings the band’s estranged and problematic ex-leader back into the mix, hoping to recreate the magic of their only mildly successful track ten years back: Hands are made for High Fives.
(Music Mockumentary)


Talk it Out
When it doubt, talk it out.

Play Thing
A woman hires a specialist to uncover that the missing link in her and her partner’s relationship is a toy.

Must Be A Miracle
A urology appointment takes a turn for the worst when the angry wife of a Vasectomy patient ends up pregnant.

Baby Bro
Three babies in a maternity ward talk about their experience being born. The film is a dark satire about how women are discussed in men’s private spaces.


October 7, 2024 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm(GMT-07:00)

Vegas Theatre Company

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