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Single and new to LA, Annie agrees to tag along with a group of new friends to Burning Man. When they all have to share ONE hotel room in Reno unexpectedly, she finds herself in an embarrassing situation that could ruin her newfound love interest. After a comedy of errors, Annie is forced to make […]

Carlos Anthony: Part-Time Famous

Filmed live in Las Vegas, Carlos Anthony captivates with his Arkansas-born country charm in this all-new Laugh After Dark comedy special, “Part-Time Famous,”. From his bold take on parenting to the price of prostitution, and even his DIY pandemic prostate exam, Carlos fearlessly and hilariously dishes on himself in story after boundary-pushing story.

TRIXX: Po’ Boy

Filmed at Comedy House NOLA, Trixx’s stand-up special, Po’ Boy is a hilarious and honest look at living and working in Vegas, his love for New Orleans, and his childhood obsession with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. With his relatable insights and natural charisma, Trixx connects with his audiences, making it a must-watch for anyone seeking […]

Jozalyn Sharp: Five Ten Two Eighty

Las Vegas native and one of the country’s hottest up-and-coming standup comedians, Jozalyn Sharp is raw, real, and hilariously relatable in her debut comedy special. From the moment she hits the stage, Jozalyn takes no prisoners and holds nothing back. From shopping for lingerie before her wedding to how she really feels about her body, […]

Stoner Rob: Too High To Remember What I Forgot

Stoner Rob proves that comedy, entrepreneurship, and pot-smoking all go hand-in-hand. In his debut special, Stoner shares about his incredible bottom-up comedy journey and what its like raising his six kids all while blazing new trails (and trees) in the emerging cannabis revolution. Get ready for an off-beat and unforgettable time with one of the […]

New West

Trigger and Gene were Hollywood legends and the best of friends, but years after a falling out the two must team up once again to fight a villain from their past.


What starts off as an innocent ride along descends into a much more twisted experience.

Boys Will Be Boys

Marsha Morgan & Sylvia Johns Ritchie start their night out with the ladies in the salon, where they all get their nails done, hair done and gossip about their men who are off galavanting. They talked about how the men are always out playing billiards, drinking beer, and spending all the cash while they’re stuck […]

Girls Aren’t Funny

Girls Aren’t Funny is a dramedy series that intertwines the lives of up-and-coming young womxn and non-cis comedians in the NYC alternative stand-up scene. Each episode is co-written by the featured comedian and inspired by their real experiences. GIRLS AREN’T FUNNY is about rejecting stereotypes, embracing all of who you are, and finding your voice […]

Untitled Millennial Project

With the help of her GBFF Tyler, Allison navigates dating, TikTok, and getting older. Steeped with pop culture references, this web series uses social media as a story telling device to encompass the millennial experience. At the core, ‘Untitled Millennial Project’ is a story about trying to figure “it” out, whatever “it” is, and the […]