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Single and new to LA, Annie agrees to tag along with a group of new friends to Burning Man. When they all have to share ONE hotel room in Reno unexpectedly, she finds herself in an embarrassing situation that could ruin her newfound love interest. After a comedy of errors, Annie is forced to make […]

New West

Trigger and Gene were Hollywood legends and the best of friends, but years after a falling out the two must team up once again to fight a villain from their past.


What starts off as an innocent ride along descends into a much more twisted experience.

Peeping Todd

After being confronted about his incessant peeping, Todd decides to eliminate anyone who stands between him and his view of the lovely Claire.

The Island

Suddenly the vacation they are on becomes increasingly sinister and Zora doesn’t know who to trust outside of her family, especially the hotel owner Martisha, the person responsible for Maurice’s death. With the help of her surviving family members, Zora must save herself from dying at the hands of the beautiful, Martisha and avoid the […]

Office Ghost

Forced to return to the office, three cubicle jockeys discover a ghost…in the office.

All We Have to Do Is Kill One Guy

Two stay-at-home dads who take on some side-hustle assassin work sit and wait for their first target to come home, debating about the best way to do the job.

BECOMING BFA: The Showcase Showdown

This mockumentary short film follows the drama that ensues in and out of the rehearsal room as these students prepare for the moment that could make or break their careers, bank accounts and self-respect: SENIOR SHOWCASE. — This is their story.