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All film submissions must be made and paid for via Film Freeway


All standup submissions must be 5-7 minutes, and have clear audio.

early bird

Now - Dec 31, 2021


Jan - April 2022


May - June 10, 2022

last chance

June 11 - 30, 2022


August 1, 2022



Anyone wishing to be considered to perform at Laugh After Dark ComedyFest must submit as follows:


Films must be submitted via Film Freeway. If you are planning to submit for both standup and film, please submit your materials and pay fees separately.


If you are submitting for standup, you may submit directly on our website by filling out the submission form and paying the submission fee.

Yes! We welcome multi-talented comedians and encourage you to submit for as many categories as you would like. 

Please note that film and standup submissions are taken separately. Film submissions and fees can be paid on Film Freeway. Standup submissions and fees can be paid here on our website by clicking to submit.


  • 5-7 min video
  • Audible sound
  • Filmed within the last 18 months
  • Funny. 


Please see requirements on Film Freeway.

If you are selected to participate in the festival, you will be contacted by a member of our team by August 1, 2022 with additional information and instructions.

Yes. Anyone wishing to be considered to participate in the festival must submit and pay the required fees.


  • Club
  • Alt
  • Clean
  • Musical



  • Sketchs
  • Micro Shorts
  • Shorts
  • Features
  • Standup Specials
  • Music Videos

5- 7 minutes only please

Please make sure your set meets the following requirements:

  • 5-7 min video
  • Audible sound
  • Filmed within the last 18 months
  • Funny. 

Early Bird: $37 
Dec 2021-Jan 2022

Standard: $47
February-April 2022

Extended: $57
May 1-June 10 2022

Last Chance $67
June 11-30 2022


Nope! After all, this is Laugh AFTER Dark

Our festival judges, panel speakers, and visiting industry have collectively worked on projects with Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Comedy Central, HBO, Showtime, Fuze, Lionsgate, and much more!

Yes! We will be hosting additional (non-judged) comedy shows throughout the festival for comedians who submitted but were not selected as official festival participants. 

standup submissions

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